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Grocera……a unique ceramics innovation.

Dear Customers,

Grover light Source Pvt. Ltd., a very well known name in Electrical Lighting and Electro Ceramics Products in India, Founded by Sh. S.P.S. Grover and later made it a Company as Private Ltd in 1993.
With good Technical Support & Stringent Quality Checks we have developed the Products of Electrical Ceramics to give Auto Switching Solution with Thermal andElectrical properties of Electrical Instruments, Enabling the Industrial Houses to stop Buying from Foreign countries.
After a Long Successful Journey and Frequent Research in Technical Ceramics, the company has introduced some New Products in Alumina Porcelain Lab Ware. And is now able to give Ultimate Solution of Ceramic Products which Protect and Enhance the life of your Product / Instrument / Machine from following Physical and Chemical Impurities like……
  • > Porosity
  • > Wear Resistance
  • > Chemical Resistance
  • > Thermal Sock Resistance
  • > Electrical Resistivity
  • > Temperature Resistance

Grover Light Source Pvt. Ltd. is fast growing company which is giving Technical Ceramics Solution in following scope of Science & Technology.

  1. Research laboratories
  2. Electrical & electronic industry
  3. Defense technology
  4. Power plant
  5. Cement plant
  6. Steel industries
  7. Chemical industries
  8. Mineral processing unit
  9. Medical science
  10. 1Automobile industries

With regards’’
S.P. S. Grover  (Managing Director)