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Stabilized Zirconia

Consider CSZ a top candidate when choosing a material for high strength and toughness in moist, challenging environments. With high flexural strength and very high compressive strength this material is ideally suited as a structural component in sensors, instrumentation, probes, pumps and fluid control systems.

Prime Features
CSZ offers a more robust Stabilized Zirconia material when low temperature degradation properties are in question, displaying a reduced vulnerability of molecular water attack compared to YTZP or MSZ, The ability of this material to withstand high temperature, wet operating conditions elevates its performance above other ceramic materials.

Typical Applications
Instrumentation Sensors
Seals Bearings
Desalination plant components Steam system instrumentation
Boiler probes Underwater sensors
Pump pistons Medical instrumentation
Pump liners Valve seats
Emission sensors Marine system components
Chemical pumps Fluid metering pumps
Fluid control valves Chemical analysis fluid control systems