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Microbead Ceramics Coat


GROCOAT is a trowel able compound specially formulated with proprietary mixtures of Sapphire hard high Alumina beads treated with epoxied based material; It is coating which protect the surface against abrasion and chemical attack.
GROCOAT can be applied on any ferrous, non ferrous, concrete, ceramic, plastics etc surfaces both vertically and horizontally to convert the soft surface to sapphire hard to protect against abrasion, chemical and corrosion attack. Its thixotropic formulation does not allow it to sag even on vertical surface. CERCOAT can also be cast or molded in to wide variety of shape and size. Before applying GROCOAT surface should be clean thoroughly and make it free from rust, dirt, grease, oil, paints etc. Roughen the surface with coarse sand paper or sand blast to ensure surface is clean and rough for better adhesion. If the surface is passive to bond activate the same with primer which shall be provided on request.
Alumina Content : 90 % Min
Compressive Strength : 950 kg/cm2
Flexural Strength : 600 Kg/cm2
Tensile Strength : 180 Kg/cm2
Hardness of grains : 9 MOH
Max operating temp : 180 to 200 deg C
Working time at 30 Deg C : 30 to 40 Minutes
Curing time : 24 hours at 30 deg C
Coverage : 1 sq. ft with 6mm thick coat per kg
Kit size : 10kgs/30 kg


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It is ideal coating to protect surfaces like Launders, Chutes, Classifier Fan Blade, Screw Conveyor, Buckets, Dust Collectors

Cyclone, Coal Exhausters, ID Fan Impeller, Casing, Slurry Pump, Pipe etc in Coal Based Power Plant, Grains
Handling, Paper, Steel and Cement Industries.




Grocera Microbead Coat is trowel able mass formulated with property materials of Sapphire hard high Alumina Beads of Specific size and silicon carbide doped in resin matrix with reinforcement. Grocera Microbead Coat is a protective coating providing a surface resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. Microbead is an excellent remedy for the preventive maintenance of any plant where erosion and corrosion are chronicle problem.Microbead is a thixotropy formulation which permits both vertical as well as horizontal application with simple hand tools. Grocera Microbead Coat can also be coat and molded in to wide variety of shape and pattern.Microbead consist of sapphire hard beads of 90% alumina having a bead hardness of 9 on MOH scale. It can be applied on any surface like metal, ceramic, plastic, concrete etc to convert the soft surface to sapphire hard, chemical and corrosion resistant.


Before apply of Microbead coating on any surface,clean the surface by brush to make it free from Rust, Grease, Oil, Paint or Other lose coniamination Roughen the surface by coarse sand paper or flap wheel of 40 grit or sand blast with AFS 40 grade of silica to ensure clean and rough surface for better adhesion.
Apply primer brush on the surface to be coated with Microbead Immeiately after roughening the surface.


Mix both content of resin and hardner as per mix ratio indicated on label of container. Take only require quantity which can be use within 30min. After mixing Gradually mix with spatula until uniform color and consistency is obtained. Start applying on the surface with a thumb pressure sothat best adhesion can be achieved. First layer should be off less than 0.5 mm. rebuild surface with further two coat of 2-3mmeach. Apply material with hand pressure to avoid void.
Do not add thinner or water. If thinning is required we recommend adding 5 to 10% of xylene in the matrix.
To make sure that coating has been properly cure pierce with finger nails in to to the coating is fully cured and surface is service able other wise leave it for further period to cure or heat the surface by flame at temperature of 100 to 150 dog C for fully cure.


Microbeadis most ideal coating where high wear reduces production and increases cost in component like Classifier Coal Exhauster Launder and Feed Chute I>D Fans Casting, Impeller, Slurry Pump, Cyclone, Mud Pump, coal and Ash handling parts, Screw Conveyor for cement and Mineral processing industries spares where erosion is a major problem.


  1. Increase Equipment Life.
  2. Reduce Opereating Cost.
  3. Easily Convent Soft surface to hard surface.
  4. Save down time.
  5. Can be cast and molded.
  6. Out perform any other wears coating.

Physical Properties

Compressive Strength : 900kg/cm2
Flexural Strength : 550kg/cm2
Tensile Shear Strength : 120kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temp : 220deg.C
Hardness of Grains : 9 MOH
Cure time at 30deg.C : 3 to 4 hours
Mix Ratio : 2R:1H
Kit Size : 1kg/10kg
Surface Coverage : 1 sq ft/1kgs for 5-6mm thick