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Grobond is an epoxy matrix developed specifically for bonding Alumina ceramic liner to many surfaces. When affixed with our epoxy adhesive, alumina tiles offers strong, wear resistance protection that can withstand the most extreme abrasive environments. Grobond is easy to use and enable your personnel to make repairs or install tiles on areas exposed to abrasive wear with a minimum of downtime.

Exclusive Formula:

Grobond is one of several unique ceramic bonding materials . It is a result of extensive research and several years of experience in providing structural ceramic solution for industrial wear problems.
Specification Resin Hardener Mixture
Appearance White Brown Yellow
Viscosity Paste Paste Paste
Specific Gravity Specific Gravity 1.05 1.15
Color Yellow
Tensile Strength 140kgs/cm2
Continuous Operating Temperature (ºC) 250
Grobond Kit Size in Kg Gross Weight Coverage
10kgs 10kgs 3.5 sq. Mtr

Easy to Use:

simply mix 3 parts of the resin with 2 parts of hardener, apply to the surface and to the back of the tiles, and then affix the tile to the surface. For best results, steel surface to be sand blasted to near white metal. Repaired equipment is ready to use in a matter of hours.

Diverse Application:

Grobond and Alumina ceramic tiles have been used effectively to Pipe, Elbow, Chutes, hoppers, slurry tanks, pulverizer housing, air separators, ash lines, bins, ducts, convyors, buckets, coal exhausters and cyclones . when used on industrial fan housing for coal, sand and gravel, pulp and paper, grain and mineral processing.


  1. Easy to mix: The formula offers convenient mixing and Application with in few hours at room temperature.
  2. Adhesive: Our exclusive compound is formulated for strength in bonding alumina ceramic to steel, concrete and many other surfaces
  3. Minimum downtime: The adhesive cures in about eight Hours at a room temperature of approximately 70 º F Gentle heating speeds curing.

Simple to Apply:

  1. Remove Contents and mix with a 3:2 ratio of bond kit
  2. Apply from 1mm to 1.5mm on steel surface
  3. Apply adhesive to back and sides of tile
  4. Affix tile to surface and press firmly in place