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Lighting Accessories

Lamp Caps – Since 3 decades Grover Light Source Pvt Ltd has been a progressive leader in the Electrical and Lighting Industry earning reputation for quality service…

High Temperature Labware

Alumina LabWare -Grocera fabricat Alumina LabWare and custom ceramic parts in 50-99.7% Alumina content with standard technical specification.

Steatite Ceramics

Steatite ceramics – Steatite material has very good thermal and electrical properties . Grocera produce custom & standard shape steatite base ceramic products for electrical and electronics industries.

Ceramic Bonds & Coatings

Ceramic Bonds & coatings – ceramic Bond & coatings is advanced ceramic technology of Grocera which generally used in ceramic base wear resistant technology to fix ceramic with metal .also it is use in metal repair and prevent surface from chemical damage.

Porcelain LabWare

Porcelain LabWare – Grocera developed the tradional porcelain into technical. porcelain which can wear high temperature and thermal sock with highly resistant to stain…

Customised Base Ceramics

Custom advanced ceramic – Grocera gives ultimate ceramic solution in various advanced ceramic technology on customer design & specification.